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Campus Recovery Leadership Program

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Campus Recovery Leadership Program

SAFE and ARHE will be hosting 2-day regional academies across the country from 2018-2020 in order to best serve collegiate recovery students from a variety of institutions.

The training would be focused around servant leadership in the addiction recovery field including personal and professional development. Components would include – but not limited to - self-assessment and discovery, leadership styles, characteristics of a good servant leader, how to balance work as a servant leader in a recovery-friendly way, the importance of advocacy. . Fellows would create, plan and implement a project on their campus, reporting back to the academy about the results once complete. Lastly, the fellows will be matched with mentors who work in the recovery field, to advise and support them through project implementation and beyond.

Program Goals

●      Connects current/future leaders at campuses across the nation in order to strengthen/intensify the collegiate recovery movement, increase fellows’ personal network and connection, and cast a wide net to spread these positive messages to as many people as possible

●      Increase the leadership skills of young people in recovery and strengthen the collegiate recovery programs on each campus that sends students to the academies

Who Can Participate?



Students in substance abuse recovery at colleges with Collegiate Recovery Programs who are interested in becoming leaders in the addiction recovery field. Presenters will be national leaders, ADM Winnefeld as keynote and host.  Instructors will include recovery specialists and professional development SMEs.

Academy Timeline



Regional academies will take place in each of the 7 regions designated by ARHE over the next two years. Regions and proposed host cities for the academies are as follows:


November - Mid-Atlantic in Washington, D.C., February - Mountain in Colorado or Pacific in California, April - Midwest in Minnesota, June- Graduation at 2019 National Conference in Boston


August - Pacific or Mountain, November - Southeast, February - Southwest, April - Northeast, June- Graduation at 2020 National Conference - TBD

A Graduation Ceremony for the 2018 Recovery Leadership Academies will take place at the 2019 ARHE National Collegiate Recovery Conference. The ceremony will include presentations of the fellows’ projects and results (what did they do, what did they learn about themselves and their community, how will this help them be better leaders in the future). Mentors will be invited to the celebration where the fellows will be presented with certificates, and ADM Winnefeld will set the theme of the importance of leadership, particularly as it pertains to advocacy and service to others.