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SAFE Campuses
National Outreach Campaign

Students should not have to choose between their education and their health.

This year, the SAFE Campuses Initiative is inviting all 4,500 collegiate institutions in
the U.S. to engage in critical conversation about their campus response to the addiction fatality epidemic, with the goal of providing educational resources to students and faculty, offering technical assistance to new and existing collegiate recovery programs, and fostering inclusive campuses for students who struggle with substance use and co-occurring mental health.


We are using a three-phased approach to reach all 4,500 campuses:

  • Phase 1: The First 15
    Reaching all the schools in 15 metropolitan cities with the most colleges per capita
  • Phase 2: The Second 20
    Reaching the schools in 20 rural states, predominantly in the midwest
  • Phase 3: The Final 1,500
    Reaching the remaining 1,500 campuses across the nation that were not addressed in the first two phases


“Addiction is a disease. Recent data shows that 730,000 full-time college students meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder while an additional 487,000 meet the criteria for drug use disorder.

-Center for Behavioral Health Statistics & Quality’s 2017 National Survey on Drug Use & Health

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