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America’s Opioid Epidemic: Youth Awareness & Prevention



555 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20001


May 22, 2018




As the opioid epidemic roils communities across America, our nation’s schools and colleges are also feeling the impact. Educators and counselors are not only helping children who live with addiction in their homes but are also finding themselves working with students addicted to opioids.

What steps should be taken by family members, physicians, schools, public health officials and leaders in Congress to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs? How can we overcome funding challenges and raise awareness about the impact of opioid addiction at the K-12 and college levels?

The Hill convenes lawmakers, educators, physicians and addiction experts for a conversation about the role prevention can play in curbing opioid addiction in teenagers.

S.A.F.E. Project Co-Chair Admiral Sandy Winnefeld participates in the final panel of the day, emphasizing the need for educating youth on the science of addiction.

Watch the video footage of this panel: