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NC Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Studies, Winter School Conference


Embassy Suites,

204 Centreport Drive,

Greensboro, NC 27409


Feb 17-Feb 20, 2019




About The Conference:

The Premier School for Addiction Professionals in the Southeastern United States. The Schools are highly beneficial for addictions and substance use disorder professionals, as well as licensed professional counselors, social workers, school counselors/nurses/social workers, rehabilitation counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychotherapists, integrated care professionals, criminal justice/juvenile justice/corrections personnel, clergy and pastoral care professionals, nurses and other healthcare professionals, health educators, EAP staff, recovery coaches and allies, public health workers, social services staff, and all interested others.

Winter School Objectives:
Upon completion of the conference, participants should increase their ability to effectively care for clients and be able to:

  • Discuss several Substance Use Disorder (SUD) matters germane to North Carolina.
  • Identify population specific interventions and modalities with appropriate clients.
  • Examine techniques and concepts to employ with SUD clients and families;
  • Implement these skills in their daily practice.

Who Should Attend?
Integrated Care Professionals
Criminal Justice
Juvenile Justice
Corrections Personnel
Clergy and Pastoral Care Professionals
Addictions and Substance Use Disorder Professionals
Licensed Professional Counselors
School Counselors
EAP Staff
Recovery Coaches and Allies
Public Health Workers
Social Services Staff
Nurses (Hospital, Clinic, etc…)
Healthcare Professionals
Health Educators
Rehabilitation Counselors
Marriage and Family Therapists
School Nurses
…and all interested others!