Stop the Addiction Fatality Epidemic

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Public Awareness


Our intent:  Educate the public on the causes and nature of the disease of addiction, its associated risks and costs, and how to reverse the opioid epidemic.

While public awareness is generally rising that an opioid epidemic exists, there remains poor understanding across our society of how it started, its overall impacts, how it is being sustained, and, most importantly, what we must do to end it.  One of the most important goals of this effort will be to help eliminate the stigma associated with opioid addiction, which is one of the biggest inhibitors addicts face in seeking treatment.  This portion of our effort will explain how addiction works, how the opioid epidemic happened, and its impact on our society.  It will also explain why reversing the epidemic requires a multi-pronged effort that must fire on all cylinders or it will likely fail.  We will explore how to advocate for a better public information campaign.  It will also link to other, similar efforts – the more sources of information available to the public on this national emergency, the more likely that our society will begin to come to grips with it.  As the effort matures, we will conduct direct engagement (e.g., a road show) where appropriate.

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