Stop the Addiction Fatality Epidemic
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SAFE Baseball

2018 16-18 year-old Virginia State Babe Ruth Tournament


Join S.A.F.E. Project US at the 2018 16-18 year-old Virginia State
Babe Ruth Tournament #SAFEBaseball

On July 5-8, S.A.F.E. Project US will be joining Arlington Baseball Families at the 2018 16-18 year-old Virginia State Babe Ruth Tournament.  S.A.F.E. Project US  will join other organizations and community leaders to bring opioid awareness and education to the local youth and parents by engaging them during this popular community gathering.

Join us at the Tucker Field at Barcroft Park, 4200 South Four Mile Run Dr., Arlington, VA 22206(map) Google Calendar ICS Click here to view the tournament schedule.

Highlights of the day will include:

  • Game 1, Thurs. July 5, 4pm: The first pitch will be thrown out by S.A.F.E. Project US Co-founder Admiral James Winnefeld. 
  • S.A.F.E. will be joined by The Atwood Foundation, Virginia Hospital Center Hands2Hearts CPR, Transitions Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling Program, and DEA Field Office and Prevention Program, and other partners, who will provide educational resources for communities struggling with the opioid epidemic.*

Information from S.A.F.E Project US shared at the event will include:

S.A.F.E. Communities

S.A.F.E. Project US is committed to building “S.A.F.E. Communities” across the nation by working with families, community leaders and influencers to provide the education, tools and support necessary to affect significant change. By bringing together families who are on the front lines of the opioid crisis, along with representatives who touch the larger community—communities large or small can develop practical solutions that work for every individual and family facing the opioid crisis.  S.A.F.E. Project US is working with local leaders and families to help make Arlington a S.A.F.E. Community.

S.A.F.E. Campuses

During the tournament, S.A.F.E. Project US will be sharing with young players and parents information about our soon-to-be-launched Recovery program, S.A.F.E. Campuses. S.A.F.E. Campuses will provide college students across the nation with the tools and support they need to succeed in their lifelong journey of addiction recovery. To learn more about how S.A.F.E. Campuses will help college students struggling with addiction recovery click here or click on the image below.

*attendance as of 6/29subject to change

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KNOW the Facts


  • Opioids are responsible for the deaths of 1 in every 5 young people, aged 15-24.
  • The number of Arlingtonians seeking treatment for opioid addiction and related disorders increased by 245% from 2015-2017 alone.
  • “Marijuana users are 2.5-times as likely to become opioid abusers.” – NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • “Approximately 80% of heroin users reported first misusing prescription opioids.” – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • “After taking opioids for 5 days in a row, a person becomes more likely to take them long-term.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • “More than 55% of Americans over 12-years old old who misused pain relievers got them from a friend or relative.” – SAMSHA (2008-09)
  • “Nearly half of opioid painkiller users are unaware they are taking drugs as addictive as heroin.” – National Safety Council

How Can You Help?

No matter what your skills and interests are, S.A.F.E. Project US can use your help as a volunteer. There are many ways you can make an impact including: speaking on our behalf in your area, researching online, providing technical support and more. Visit our volunteer page here to learn more and register to become a volunteer in your area or click on the volunteer button below.

If your schedule doesn't allow you to help through volunteering, your financial contributions to fighting the opioid epidemic can make a big difference. If you'd like to provide financial support click here or click on the donate button below.


Medication Fact Sheet: Opioids & Pain Management

Learn the risks and potential life-threatening side-effects of using opioids for pain management & what non-opioid treatment options are available.

College students sitting and talking on campus lawn

S.A.F.E. Campuses

S.A.F.E. Campuses is helping youths struggling with addiction recovery in college campuses across the nation.

Event Highlights

Mulitmedia highlights will be posted after the event.