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San Antonio Veteran Wellness Program Pilot

Helping veterans in the San Antonio area build resiliency skills for overall well-being.

If you’ve served in the military, you’ll understand why SAFE Veterans initiative is close to our hearts. A veteran is twice as likely to die from an accidental overdose than any other member of society, and for veterans and their families, the transition to civilian life can be particularly difficult, often losing the sense of purpose, camaraderie, and identity central to their military experience. Military culture also values self-reliance, which can lead to the perception that “getting help” is a weakness.

The need: Few prevention programs address this concern and provide the service member or their family with tools to prevent or recognize substance dependence or mental health challenges. To address this gap, SAFE Veterans developed and expanded several programs to connect veterans, active duty service members, and their families to the resources they need to face these challenges.

We hope you find this new Veteran Wellness program helpful as it helps you build resilience.

SAFE Veterans Resources

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