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In partnering with SAFE Project, we will work with your senior management team to gauge their areas of interest and apprise you of the variety of ways in which we can support your business. If you are interested in moving forward, we will recommend a review of your existing Substance Use and Mental Health Policy (known as Drug Free Workplace Policy) or create a policy utilizing our extensive policy template. We can implement an assessment of your staff’s knowledge and beliefs relative to mental health and substance use issues, and identify gaps such as necessary training and/or resources through the use of our survey and data analysis services. Survey results will be gathered and an extensive report will be provided to management outlining the strengths of the organization as well as gaps that need to be addressed.

With a comprehensive approach, SAFE Workplaces representatives will work with your company to craft customized training and policies and will provide technical support throughout program implementation. Additionally, SAFE Workplaces is eager to work with businesses that may choose various elements of our plan to ensure your success.

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