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News | October 13, 2020

Google Launches Serving Veterans Initiative Featuring SAFE Project

The Serving Veterans Initiative, launched by Google, helps veterans and the military community find resources to address post-traumatic stress, substance use disorders (SUD), and other mental health conditions. This initiative compiles resources on a website specifically geared toward veterans and features positive videos from a variety of veterans – including highly-decorated, well-known individuals – across services and eras served. 

As part of the Serving Veterans Initiative, SAFE Project is included, offering veterans and their families support on wellness paths. For this initiative, we collaborated with Partnership to End Addiction to create the Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Resources to Assist A Military Child tool to assist military families. Children in military families can be at increased risk for substance use due to the frequent transitions associated with relocation assignments, and/or having a parent deployed or injured in the line of duty.  

SAFE Project’s SAFE Veterans initiative is dedicated to connecting veterans, active duty service members, and their families to the resources they need to combat substance use disorder through several different programs. One of these programs is Virtual Veterans, a safe, private, virtual space, hosted weekly by veterans for veterans, to connect. Meetings are held every Thursday at 6 PM ET and are open to veterans, service members, and military family members who have experienced addiction or are on a recovery path.

To learn more about SAFE Veterans programming, visit or email