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SAFE Workplaces

Providing employers and employees, alike, with the tools and resources necessary to address issues of behavioral health and achieve emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

Organizations that address the behavioral health concerns of their employees, families, and the communities in which they work and live, save both money and lives.

To answer the call, SAFE Project has introduced the SAFE Workplaces initiative which offers a suite of training and technical assistance products and services. This in turn will help leverage the use of Employer Assessments, Health Insurance Plans, Human Resource policies, Employee Assistance Programs, and robust wellness plans to help organizations better meet the healthcare needs of their employees and the communities in which they operate.  

SAFE Project, in collaboration with your executive leadership, will assist your organization in helping you articulate practical goals, objectives, and strategies in this area. Moreover, in working with you to revise and introduce an array of new policies and products, SAFE Project will help you to reduce absenteeism, lost productivity, and turnover, hence saving billions of dollars per year. The implementation of this plan will ultimately help you to achieve a healthier workforce and workplace culture while boosting your employee morale.

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