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Join us in the fight against the addiction epidemic. Together, we will make a difference.

SAFE Project’s Volunteer Program gives community members, families, friends, and others a tangible way to serve, contribute their skills and experiences to a meaningful cause, and to help overcome the opioid and addiction epidemic in the United States.

Current statistics show that volunteering not only helps the community but the volunteer, as well:

  • Those who volunteer find they have a 27% higher chance of employment, according to the
    Corporation from National and Community Service.
  • More than 92% of human resource executives agree that contributing to a nonprofit can improve employees’ leadership skills (2016 Deloitte Impact Survey).

SAFE Project Volunteer Programs

Naloxone Awareness Project

SAFE is looking for Volunteers to help us bring awareness to the lifesaving, overdose reversal drug, naloxone, also known as Narcan®! Currently, we have launched the Naloxone Awareness Project in Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio. We hope you will join us in spreading the message that “Naloxone Saves Lives”!  

Speaker’s Bureau

Are you passionate about spreading awareness and sharing your personal story in your community? This volunteer role gives you the opportunity to share your story at local speaking engagements arranged by SAFE Project.

Share Your Story

If speaking in public isn’t for you, this volunteer role gives you the opportunity to share your story through a variety of other mediums, such as blog posts and video.

SAFE Project Events

From organizing community events to helping with event planning and execution, we would love your help.

SAFE Project Community Outreach

SAFE Project regularly works in communities in a variety of ways. We often need volunteers to help carry out our public awareness and outreach efforts.

SAFE Project Supporter

As a SAFE Project Supporter, we will equip you with materials that you can distribute in your community. We will also provide helpful talking points that will allow you to start conversations with friends, family, and community members.