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Prevention Month

10 Actions To Take

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    Join the Gone for Good Campaign and Do Your Part to Prevent Medication Misuse

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    Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck: The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic: Denver Area

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    Reverse the Silence

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    Naloxone: What is it? And what should I do if I witness an overdose?

Now is the time to act!

Over 96,700 Americans lost their lives to overdoses in 2020.  This is the highest number of Americans lost to overdoses ever recorded.

Fatal and nonfatal overdoses surged in the early months of the pandemic, and are on track to increase.

To overcome the addiction epidemic, it requires our collective action.  That’s why SAFE Project works collaboratively to bring solutions to communities, campuses, workplaces, and active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. 

Please help SAFE Project end addiction by turning hope into action.

SAFE Project combats the epidemic in four groups. Select a group to see more.

SAFE Project is tackling all sides of the addiction epidemic

SAFE Project is a national nonprofit working through a collaborative, multi-pronged and non-partisan approach to end the nation's catastrophic addiction epidemic. It will require concerted efforts along six deeply interwoven lines of operation for four major audiences.