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SAFE Project Lines of Operation

Our mission is to contribute in a tangible way to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States.

SAFE Project works to combat the addiction and fatality epidemic through its six lines of operation:

Public Awareness

Public Awareness is about educating the public on the causes and nature of the disease of addiction, its associated costs, and how to reverse the epidemic. SAFE Project drives national education campaigns such as Be SAFE, the #NoShame Movement, and Gone for Good to help reduce bias and stigma while advocating for the safe storage and disposal of prescription drugs.

Full-Spectrum Prevention

Full-Spectrum Prevention focuses on saving lives through training and programs to reduce the number of people engaging in substance use disorder. Whether it’s training communities with our innovative Bridging Prevention & Recovery program or bringing our new SAFE Choices student-driven program to schools, these efforts help strengthen resilience with evidence-based practices.

Prescriptions and Medical Response

Through Prescriptions and Medical Response, we are working to reduce the number of misused and expired prescription drugs by promoting safe at-home disposal of unused medications and ensuring that prescription drugs are only being used when completely necessary. When dealing directly with the opioid crisis, naloxone is important. To ensure a better understanding of naloxone, this line of operation also works to educate the public and provides resources focused on naloxone training and access, how to talk to your pharmacist, non-addictive pain management methods, the need for tighter opioid prescription protocols, and promotes safe at-home disposal of unused medications. Two national campaigns — Be SAFE and Gone for Good — continue this year.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice focuses on the fact that we cannot arrest our way out of a disease. To better address this crisis, this line of operation provides effective strategies to build greater community collaboration with law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, and individuals with former justice involvement as the long-term solution. SAFE Project is actively involved with pre-arrest deflection and diversion efforts nationally, supports connecting individuals to treatment for substance use disorder and/or mental health as an alternative to arrest, and has programs that support the full continuum of care by focusing on youth and adults who are navigating the complexities of criminal justice involvement and recovery.

Treatment and Recovery

Treatment and Recovery provides valuable resources for individuals and families. Since 2019, SAFE Project’s Family Support and Treatment Center Locator platform has helped hundreds of people efficiently search for treatment based upon their needs. This year, for the first time ever, SAFE Project has provided family outreach and support resources for individuals as well. Recovery is a life-long journey, and it requires all of us to find ways to support individuals in this journey. As a result, this portion of the line of operation provides resources for individuals in recovery as well as individuals supporting others in recovery.

Family Outreach and Support

Family Outreach and Support develops resources for families coping with substance use disorder, mental health challenges, transition, or recovery. SAFE Project provides resources and training to promote stronger outcomes for families and their children. SAFE Project has also launched a first-of-its-kind Family Support and Treatment Center Locator because families deserve easy access to reliable resources where they live.