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All Are Welcome: Creating Empowered Spaces for Recovery


May 6, 2021



The SAFE Campuses team is excited to host the fourth SAFE Campuses spring webinar for students, All Are Welcome, on Thursday, May 6th from 7 pm-8 pm EST.

There are many different ways a student might identify and engage in a process of recovery. While sharing a common purpose, it can be challenging to navigate diverse experiences and paths within a collegiate recovery community. Join Sam Randall, CCAR Recovery Coach and former program manager at the University of Colorado Boulder Collegiate Recovery Center, for a discussion about recovery community dynamics and how to lead from the heart to create a welcoming and empowering community for all.

Although the content for these webinars is primarily geared towards students, we welcome staff, administrators, and others working in the field to join! Please register for this webinar here.