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Recovery and Employment: Barriers, Obstacles and Success Strategies


September 8, 2021



Many people in recovery often have a difficult time getting back into the workforce. A sizable portion of those in early recovery may also have criminal histories, spotty or uneven work histories, or may be dislocated workers, having lost their license to practice in their chosen profession, for example. As a consequence of these barriers, individuals in early recovery may struggle to find gainful employment. The ability to obtain a steady job, stable housing, and transportation are basic necessities required to achieve a quality lifestyle.

There are success strategies that are gaining traction in supporting those in recovery to overcome these obstacles. There has been growth, for example, in employer-initiated innovations designed to create a recovery-friendly work environment and culture which is more receptive to hiring “second chance” employees.

SAFE Project and our SAFE Workplaces Initiative invite you to join Recovery and Employment: Barriers, Obstacles and Success Strategies on September 8, 2021 at 2 PM ET. This webinar will draw together a panel of recovery advocates, employers, consumers, and legal specialists to help describe the obstacles that individuals face in recovery, while highlighting what’s working for them as they seek to secure gainful employment.

Panelists include:

  • Bill Stauffer – Executive Director, Pro-A
  • Saad Soliman – Executive Director, Peace by Piece
  • Dan McCawley – Director of Operations, West Virginia Sober Living
  • Brittany Rieman – Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2021

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