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Veteran Wellness: Five STAR Veterans Center


Five STAR Veterans Center,

40 Acme Street,

Jacksonville, Florida 32211


September 10, 2021



Veteran Wellness draws out the strengths of veterans as individuals, as a community, and in their roles as workers, family members, friends, and civilians.

This program “by veterans and for veterans,” highlights the diverse range of multicultural talents and resilience among veterans. Veterans learn from, support, and contribute to each other and the community.

Core Training:

Wellbeing Essentials: modules include exploring self-leadership and identity, addressing emotions and wellbeing, setting goals and finding solutions, moving from coping to thriving, achieving financial wellness, and finding help and support.

Modules are brief (45-50 minutes) and include online recordings, exercises, and worksheets.

There are peer-support discussions and incentives for completion.

This event will take place at the Five STAR Veterans Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

For more information, please contact Bill Pinamont, Senior Director, SAFE Veterans, at

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