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When Your Loved One is Transitioning Out of Treatment

When your loved one is transitioning out of treatment

How you can help your loved one

You can help your loved one whether you are a parent, friend, spouse or partner of someone transitioning out of treatment for addiction. Please click on the modules below to read specific, tangible ways that you can help your loved one survive through the battle of their lives against opioid addiction.

For Parents

Being there for your child while he is struggling with the transition out of treatment for opioid addiction can seem insurmountable and often-times heartbreaking. Read advice on how to best support him through his treatment journey.

For Spouses & Partners

She has shared her life with you and now you share her struggle through recovery. Read advice on how you can offer guidance and support to your spouse or partner as she overcomes her opioid addiction and transitions out of treatment.

For Friends

You would do anything to help your friend through his journey to recovery from opioid addiction. Show him you care by reading about things you can say and ways you can show your support for your friend transitioning out of treatment. 


While transitioning out of treatment, your loved one will be susceptible to incidents of relapse and withdrawal. Be extremely sensitive to the warning signs – don't let hope mask reality. Here are some useful links so you can know the signs: