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Blog Post | April 27, 2020

SAFE Project’s Bridging Prevention & Recovery (BPR) Program

The Bridging Prevention and Recovery (BPR) Program helps communities understand, develop, and apply approaches using hands-on tools to unite towards common community goals that prevent substance misuse and promote recovery. 

It guides communities in developing a clear and supported path for youth prevention and recovery friendly supports by providing a road map to promote wellness and resiliency and assists communities with recovering from the crushing impacts of substance use disorder.

Laptop: Bridging Prevention and Recovery Guide –> Announcing an Upcoming Training Series!

We are currently recruiting for communities who want to join our third cohort beginning in February 2021. Please contact us at for further information.

“You bridged the conversation between folks who often work on different ends of the spectrum. Prevention and recovery are the best allies for one another. That was something that drove through in all of this process.”    – BPR Participant

Learn more about the BPR Program: Watch an overview webinar. 

Training participants can expect to:

  • Use place-based leadership to work past barriers in prevention and recovery supports and services.
  • Fully utilize the strengths of both prevention and recovery experts.
  • Connect your community needs and strengths with available funding sources, evidence-based
    practice, social determinants of health and quality of life indicators.
  • Work in community prevention and recovery teams.
  • Launch services and supports unique to your community with a plan for sustainability.
  • Receive guided, action-oriented training and technical assistance from leaders in the field. Our
    technical assistance team will help you work through barriers.
  • Master facilitation techniques and learn conflict resolution skills associated with prevention and
    recovery systems.

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