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SAFE Choices: Prepare and Practice Your SAFE Speaker Presentation

Like many things, the key to success is practice, practice, practice. SAFE Staff will work with you to make sure your presentation is focused and effective.

Crafting Your SAFE Choices Speaker Presentation.

If you are a practiced speaker, you may be ready to book your virtual mock speech sessions with our SAFE staff now — if so, email or book an available time on the calendar below to schedule your session. The session will be done online, through video conference software, so your device or computer will need a camera.

If you would like help from SAFE staff in crafting your presentation, we have created these guiding questions meant to help you organize your thoughts and key points of your presentation. The goal is to make sure you feel focused and confident when telling your story.

Who are you today?

Tell the audience about Family. Friends. Where you live. Your community. Interests. Employment. Activities. How you see yourself in your life today. (30 seconds to one minute)

How did you first experience addiction?

Was it yourself or a loved one that was affected? What happened that led to your experience with addiction? When you or your loved one were in active use or recovery? (One minute)

Draw a picture of some of the tough moments that you found yourself in.

What surprised you or disappointed you? What didn’t you expect or what kinds of situations did you find yourself in that were challenging? (One to two minutes)

How has this changed you? What could you not have imagined but has now occurred?

How have you been transformed?

What is the main message that you would like to leave your audience with?

 What have you learned that you would like to pass on? Tell them!

For Speakers in Recovery:

  • Talk about the progression to the disease of addiction. Emphasize defining moments, like incidents of how and when the path of drug/alcohol abuse started.
  • Include information about withdrawal and detoxification if it pertained to your story. Explain symptoms of withdrawal and how the body reacts.
  • Avoid talking about risk-taking behaviors or details around illegal activity/drug use.
  • If speaking to a high school audience, highlight issues you faced at their age, particularly those that may have led to addiction.

Once you have completed these questions, you should have a good sense of how your presentation should flow. Use your answers to create an outline of your speech and start practicing. Practice in front of a mirror, or think about recording you giving your presentation to check for distracting mannerisms. For more help, you can check out this 30-minute online course from Google, Speaking in Public.

When you are ready to book your virtual mock speech sessions with our SAFE staff, email or book a time on the calendar below. We schedule sessions once a month using video conference software, so your device or computer will need a camera. The mock sessions are meant to be a practice run to make sure you are focused, prepared, and set up for success for your first SAFE Choices speaking event.