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We Are Recovery

This September, join SAFE Project in celebrating National Recovery Month

Substance use disorder can affect anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status. This National Recovery Month, SAFE Project is celebrating the recovery community and highlighting the fact that substance use disorder can affect anyone with the We Are Recovery campaign.

Each day in September, SAFE Project will share the photo and story of an individual connected to recovery in some way, whether through family, friendship, as a recovery ally, or as an individual in recovery.

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We Are Recovery Participants

Name Category Link
Springfield Township Opioid Action Committee Volunteers/Recovery Allies View Facebook Post
Jeff Retired Naval Officer/Chief Operating Officer/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Kimberly Support Volunteer/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Trish Mom/Daughter/Sister/Aunt/Fiancée/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Jermaine Black Man/Father/Son/Friend/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Hannah Mother/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Randy Father/Husband/Grandfather/Parent Survivor/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Terry Addiction Recovery Coach/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Willa Student/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Dylan Harm Reduction Advocate/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Lorraine Marketing Guru/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Diane Mom/Grandma/Wife/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Matt Student/Recovery Adovocate View Facebook Post
Sam Business Owner/Black Man/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Shawn Counselor/Recovery Ally/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Heather & Felicia Moms/Wives/Daughters/Friend/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Brittany Black Woman/Advocate/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Cat First-Time Mom/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Olivia Long-Distance Runner/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Emil & Anna Certified Recovery Peer Specialist-Veteran/In Recovery (Emil) & Holistic RN/Integrative Health Coach (Anna) View Facebook Post
Allyson Veteran Wife and Advocate/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Megan Trauma/Addiction Psychotherapist/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Dr. Aviva Addiction Medicine Dr/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Gena Lifesaver with Naloxone/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Kylee Daughter of Woman in Recovery/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Timothy Law Student/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Maggie Disability Advocate/Recovery Ally View Facebook Post
Willie Black Woman/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Niles Social Entrepreneur/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Caroline Author/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Dara Mom, Partner, Friend, Daughter/In Recovery View Facebook Post
Brandee Mom, Step-Mom, Wife, Non-profit ED/In Recovery View Facebook Post

Letter From the Executive Director

“I am a person in long-term recovery.” I say it a lot. Over twenty-three million Americans say it. Twenty-three million! While we lose far too many loved ones to overdose deaths (more than 93,000 in 2020), we can’t lose sight of the hopeful fact that millions of us are recovering.

When I say that I am in recovery, what I really want to say this year is that “We are in recovery.” Recovery is a highly personal journey, but it’s not a solitary act. A lot of people were part of my recovery and are an essential part of my sobriety today. Ten years ago, I was in jail struggling with a substance use disorder. Today I’m earning a PhD and leading a national non-profit committed to ending stigma and saving lives. Without a doubt, there are dozens of people who helped me get here. My family, my friends, my mentors, even my beloved pups are all in recovery with me!

We, at SAFE Project, want to honor the communities that make up your recovery.

We are moms, dads, sisters, brothers. We are executive directors, addiction medicine doctors, veterans, disability advocates, recovery allies. We represent every race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, and socioeconomic status.

Every day in the month of September, National Recovery Month, you will see the face of a person in recovery, or a recovery ally, and you will read what recovery means to them. Please join the conversation by posting your own story, and ending it with #WeAreRecovery.

I will start: I am a mom, a step-mom, a wife, and a non-profit executive director in recovery. And what does it mean to me? Everything. #WeAreRecovery


Brandee Izquierdo, MPA, CPRS
Executive Director of SAFE Project

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Ready to Share Your Story?

At SAFE Project, we encourage you to share your story about how the addiction epidemic has impacted your life. Stories can help break the stigma around addiction, and they empower us all to take a positive stand against this national crisis, at home and in our communities.