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Professional Peer Guild (PPG)

Join SAFE Project's network for peer workers within the behavioral healthcare system.

PPG Group

SAFE Project, along with our staff of nationally recognized peer subject matter experts, has formed a Professional Peer Guild (PPG) for peers and their employers working across the behavioral healthcare spectrum. The PPG offers peer employers the training and technical assistance they need to ensure best practices are followed and that they are better equipped to achieve their overall programmatic objectives.  Importantly, the PPG would also provide targeted technical assistance and training to the many entities that now employ peer workers but may remain unclear about how best to integrate a peer workforce into their operational environment. As a workforce, peer workers are often subject to competing demands and forces. The PPG would advocate on their behalf and ensure that they have adequate job protections, safe workplace conditions, clearly defined job descriptions, appropriate supervision, and the necessary guidance required to ensure their professional efficacy and that of their employer.   

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