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Class of 2022

Congratulations to the Collegiate Recovery Leadership Academy Class of 2022!

We are excited to introduce you to our Collegiate Recovery Leadership Academy Class of 2022! This cohort hails from 21 states and 32 campuses from around the country. With diverse educational, professional, and recovery backgrounds we know that this group of students will not only make impactful changes on their campuses but will leave a lasting mark on the national collegiate recovery movement.

Meet the Collegiate Recovery Leadership Academy Class of 2022!

I am a Tulane Law student in New Orleans where I live with my spouse and our four cats. In my spare time, I’m active with my collegiate recovery community and try to explore the new restaurants in my city.

Chava T., Tulane Law

I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation. I enjoy cake design, baking, and hiking, Following graduation, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy. In the future, I would like to work with patients experiencing traumatic brain injury.

Robin B., University of North Carolina at Greensboro

I am a third-year PhD student at Mississippi State University studying mathematics. I will be receiving my degree in May 2024, and I would like to become a professor at some upper level institution and mentor students.

Hannah P., Mississippi State University

My name is Dakota and I have three kids. I plan to continue my education at MSU in Minot North Dakota. My plans are to become an Addiction Counselor and do social work for my community.

Dakota B., Turtle Mountain Community College

I am a person in long term recovery, a Recovery Coach for the Marshall University Collegiate Recovery Community, and a student at Marshall University. I am currently studying psychology in Marshall University’s Liberal Arts Program and plan to graduate in Spring 2022. I plan to apply to the master’s degree program in psychology and want to work with individuals impacted by substance use disorder, and hope to spread awareness and combat stigma through connection and support. I have a passion for recovery, and am dedicated to prevention so that other individuals, along with their loved ones, and the community can begin to heal through compassion and education.

Becca T., Marshall University

I currently work as the Collegiate Recovery Community coordinator at the University of Kentucky. I am also working towards becoming a licensed therapist who works with children and families. I’m a big foodie, cat mom, hobby photographer, and lover of all things mindfulness or mental health related.

Zoë O., University of Kentucky

I am currently a Liberal Arts major but will soon be transferring to a four year campus next fall, here in Honolulu, to pursue a degree in Social Work with a direct focus on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. I hope to someday establish another residential substance abuse treatment center for the adolescent youth here in the Hawaiian islands that is culturally based and family focused. I currently work as a volunteer for a local non-profit group called Hui Aloha, providing consistent weekly outreach services to our homeless communities here in Honolulu as well. I myself was also homeless just a year and a half ago. Since getting housed I’ve been able to get back into recovery, re-enroll in college, and give back to my community by helping my fellow homeless ‘Ohana (family). I am very passionate about recovery, education, and helping those who can’t necessarily help themselves. I also strongly believe in the saying, ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’ Together great things will happen. ‘Together We Can!’ Mahalo!

Lindsay P., University of Hawaii: Honolulu Community College

I am an international student from The Bahamas. I am a Public Health major and upon graduation I intend to achieve my Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal & Child Health Care. In my spare time I play softball, volunteer throughout the community. and enjoy music.

Shaquelle B., Saint Augustine’s University

I’m an anthropology major and my plan is to pursue my doctorate. I love theater and love to act.

Nai’a A., University of Hawaii – West Oahu

I am a senior Communications major with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. After graduation I plan to attend a graduate school where I will study Integrated Marketing Communications. On campus I work as a Head Resident Assistant of a freshman dorm and I love to participate in campus theatre productions whenever I get a chance. I was introduced to collegiate recovery during my sophomore year when I was working as an intern at the Cambria County Drug Coalition and I have had a passion for this line of work ever since. I hope to be able to start a peer recovery group on my campus and spark important conversations with fellow students about recovery and substance use disorder.

Kaitlyn P., University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

I currently serve as Graduate Assistant for the Collegiate Recovery Community, where I have also been a student member since Spring 2018. I am currently working toward my Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling. I am very active in the recovery community by participating in faith-based treatment programs and 12-step programs. Upon graduating, I hope to work in the recovery field, helping individuals achieve success in their recovery journey. I recently married my partner Krystle, with whom I love exploring the newfound joys of marriage.

Marlon B., Mississippi State University

I am an Armenian-American, LGBTQ+ poet and fiction writer from Queens, New York. After graduating The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, I will follow a poetry fellowship at The University of California, Davis.

Nyeree B., University of California, Davis

I’m currently a junior at SUNY Albany, double majoring in psychology and human development with a minor in sociology. I’m part of a peer wellness program on my campus called Middle Earth and I also attend CRP Leadership meetings to plan recovery events. After I graduate I plan on going to graduate school to pursue higher education in counseling psychology. I’m very excited to be part of the CRLA!

Amanda F., SUNY Albany

I am a Human Services major at the University of Baltimore and a Substance Abuse Counselor. After graduation, I plan to obtain my LCPC and open a private practice called ‘Bella Lives.’ My life motto is, ‘Everyone deserves a Bella life. Yes, even you!’ In my free time, I can be found baking or chasing adventures with my 3 daughters.

Shaniqua S., University of Baltimore

I’m a neuroscience senior with plans to pursue a graduate degree in psychology. I love making art, hanging out with my friends, and watching goofy movies with my husband. I’m originally from Oregon and have lived in Japan, but I want to travel the US more!

Maggie C., University of Nevada, Reno

I am a graduate student studying to become a mental health and addiction counselor. I enjoy art, writing, music, and the interplay that they can have with recovery.

Emma W., Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

My major is in Public Health with a focus on community and global health education. I am committed to the Harm Reduction Model in my education and work going forward. I currently work at the Center for Peer Education and am the Harm Reduction Educator. My office is progressive in our approach and constantly engaging students in methods to reduce harm in sexual health, mental health, and substance use. My personal focus is combating the opioid overdose crisis within my community which includes the University of Northern Colorado. I will never leave Colorado and I love working within academia so my future career will likely be similar to what I’m doing currently. My main personal passions in my off-time are rock climbing and ice climbing. My daughter and I go every Saturday as our way of intentional self-care. I also live for all of the typical Coloradoan things like skiing, hiking, SUP boarding, mountain biking, and peak bagging.

Danielle A., University of Colorado – Denver at the Colorado School of Public Health

I’m a person in long-term recovery. I study social work with a concentration in addiction counseling here at CSU! After graduation, I’m planning to pursue a PhD in clinical and counseling psychology here at CSU, or a masters of social work! Here at CSU, I am the standing president of our collegiate recovery group, Ram Recovery. This group is so important to me; college students need a space for recovery on campus! In my free time I enjoy working out, hanging out with my pets, cooking, reading, and backpacking when it’s warm out.

Leah W., Colorado State University

I am a senior at UNCG. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school for social work. I want to work in the addiction treatment field. I love spending time with my kids/family, reading, and watching true crime.

Brittany G., University of North Carolina at Greensboro

I am a full-time student at Anne Arundel Community College studying both Human Services and Substance Abuse Counseling. In addition to my studies, I run the Collegiate Recovery Center at AACC and recently celebrated two years clean and sober. This fall semester is my final semester at AACC where I will graduate with honors in both majors before transferring to a four-year school that is TBD and will most likely stay in the state of Maryland. Outside of school, I am an avid runner, volunteer at local treatment facilities, and am planning on starting a nonprofit of sober living housing for men and women who have successfully sustained sobriety for 6+ months. Today, I am humble and grateful. I approach each morning with the intention to leave the day better than I found it with my focus on living with purpose, fearlessness, spirituality, and grit. Let’s go!

Bobby B., Anne Arundel Community College

I am going to school to be an addiction counselor. My interests are advocacy, neurobiology of addiction, and education. My hope is once I graduate to get my LADC licensure and work for Hazelden as a counselor and then get my LPCC licensure once qualified.

Kelian N., Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies

As a Molecular Genetics major, I plan on creating medical science solutions for addiction. As a felon, I plan on using my voice and my life to fight for equality in America for my disenfranchised demographic. As a recovering addict, I plan to create prison to college pipelines to reduce recidivism in America through access to education. As an American, I plan to fight for equality for my demographic and other Americans who struggle due to discriminatory legislation. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and people naturally learn things differently. Having spent almost my entire 20s in prison, it is important to show others like me that we are capable of anything we put our minds to. Society does not dictate our worth; we do.

Tyler H., The Ohio State University/The University of Utah

I will obtain my Master’s in the Spring of 2022. After graduation I plan on working in the mental health and addiction field in order to gain licensure. A PhD in counselor education and supervision might be on his horizon as well. In my spare time I like to run (road and trail), bike (road and gravel), and listen to music. I am an avid cook, reader (fiction, non-fiction, and recently science fiction/dystopian), and pet all the dogs.

Zev K., Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies

I am currently attending UNR as a CASAT Grant recipient. I plan on enrolling full-time next year, with a focus on Human Development and Family Systems. My long term goal is to eventually be able to open an addiction treatment center that focuses on holistic healing, and offers services like massage, red light therapy, as well as spiritual and life coaching. Most importantly, this program would be available on a sliding scale or funded by a grant. It is my opinion that if we made recovery and treatment more attractive and available to anyone, maybe more people would at least attempt recovery.

Matthew K., University of Nevada, Reno

I am a second year doctoral student in the Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development Program at NC State University, specializing in Counseling and Counselor Education. I currently work as a Graduate Assistant in Prevention Services on the Alcohol and Other Drugs Team where I support the Collegiate Recovery Community. My future plans include advocating for sensible drug policy on college campuses, reducing stigma surrounding substance use and treatment, and increasing student access to appropriate services. I enjoy fostering genuine human connection within the NC State community. My hobbies include hiking, exercising, and playing with my dog, Basil.

Laurie B., North Carolina State University

I’m currently working towards my bachelors in Social Work at Cincinnati State. I’m a college ‘late bloomer.’ I currently work as a case manager at The Center for Addiction Treatment in Cincinnati. I’m also a proud dog dad!

Terry G., Cincinnati State College

I am a second year Master of Public Policy (MPP) student graduating next June. I hope to impact policy that improves the quality and accessibility of mental health and treatment services for all Americans. I am currently seeking full-time employment opportunities with the ability to start June 2022. My long-term goal is to work for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) one day. I love eating, drinking coffee, playing various sports, and good conversation. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in SAFE Project’s Collegiate Recovery Leadership Academy.

Cody T., The University of Chicago

I am currently working on obtaining my bachelor in social work degree. My educational goal is to obtain my Master’s in Social work and then get my clinical license. I am also working on finishing up my C.S.A.C. hours so that I can do substance abuse counseling. I want to be able to work with women and children in my career. I am currently doing direct services as a navigator and I am also finishing up my C.P.S .(certificated prevention specialist) and I work part-time as a youth facilitator teaching life skills in intermediate and high schools on Maui promoting drug and alcohol prevention.

Heidi-Ann A., University of Hawaii at Manoa

I am a Biology major with a concentration in healthcare and a minor in psychology. I am currently attending Methodist University and hope to enroll in their Physician Assistant program upon graduation. My goal is to help people and spread awareness about under-discussed topics such as addiction and chronic illness.

Adriana D., Methodist University

I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Co-Occurring Disorders and will be pursuing my Doctorate in Counseling. My interests are playing piano, reading textbooks, and entertaining grandkids.

Jennifer D., Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School

I am a junior at the University of Baltimore majoring in Health Management. Currently I work at Anne Arundel Medical Center and Howard County General Hospital in the Emergency Department. My plans after graduation are to become part of the leadership in the Emergency Department as I really enjoy leadership/management. My current hobbies are swimming, hanging out with my really awesome two year old son KJ, and visiting my mom in Ocean City.

Patsy B., University of Baltimore

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