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Student Impact Projects

Help Leadership Academy students change the world!

Students who are accepted into the Collegiate Recovery Leadership Academy will work on a project throughout the course of the fellowship that will have a lasting, positive impact on collegiate recovery on their campus. Students choose their impact projects based on their own personal interests, passions, and the needs of their own campus.

SAFE Project supports the successful execution of the impact projects by offering mentorship from experts in the field, coaching from staff, and gifting students with $500 worth of funding to go directly toward impact project efforts.

Help Travis support students at Oregon State University!

Travis is a student at Oregon State University and an active member of the Joan and Tom Skoro Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), which is working to support students recovering from substance abuse challenges and addiction.

For his student impact project, Travis is working to raise funds so that his CRC can better support students.

Travis (black t-shirt) with CRC students.

Help Oregon State University provide state-level training to produce certified recovery mentors to support the influx of residents in our sober living community.

Your donation will help open the door for students who feel isolated and fearful of pursuing recovery in college and help our community grow. The impact made through your gift will not only help the student’s life but also their families and friends.

Help Katy establish a scholarship for students in recovery!

Katy, a mother of three, a student at Cape Cod Community College and Leadership Academy participate, is working to establish a scholarship for students at Cape Cod’s new Collegiate Recovery Club.

Katy, who is also eight and a half years sober and recently returned to college, wants to help other students in recovery and give them a place where they will be understood and supported.

If you would like to support Katy’s efforts and donate to the Collegiate Recovery Club Scholarship, to go, please specify that your donation is for the Collegiate Recovery Club Scholarship.

Thank you for your support!