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News | December 21, 2023

Introducing the SAFE Locator: Your All-in-One Resource for Addiction Recovery and Support, Now With Comprehensive Recovery Housing Listings

SAFE Project and Partnership to End Addiction launched a revolutionary enhancement to the SAFE Locator (, a comprehensive resource hub for individuals and families grappling with addiction. Teaming up with our new partner, GetHelp, the website now includes a recovery housing locator, establishing itself as the inaugural national platform of its kind. This joint initiative is dedicated to extending prompt support to those impacted by addiction, offering optimism and guiding them on the journey to recovery.

The SAFE Locator was initially launched by Partnership to End Addiction and SAFE Project, two nonprofits committed to combating the addiction epidemic in our nation. Together, these organizations have long been at the forefront of providing resources and support to individuals and families affected by addiction. The integration of the recovery housing search feature signifies a noteworthy achievement in our collective pursuit to tackle this urgent problem.

“By adding this recovery housing component to our existing treatment and family supports locators, more people are able to easily find and make informed decisions as they continue onto their recovery path. We’re eager to continue to build upon this portal and add more organizations to the locator,” said Tracy Steffek, Senior Director of SAFE Communities at SAFE Project. “Resources like these shouldn’t be difficult to find and the delay in someone being able to access them can be crucial to whether or not they get the help they’re seeking.”

“Adding a recovery housing piece to the already robust family services and treatment locator will provide linkage to essential services that help people sustain recovery,” said Emily Feinstein, Executive Vice President, Partnership to End Addiction. “We are proud to be SAFE Project’s partner on this project.”

The SAFE Locator ( now stands as a comprehensive resource for addiction treatment centers, family support centers, and recovery housing, all in one easy-to-access platform. This collaborative effort represents a significant step forward in the fight against addiction and underscores the power of partnerships in addressing this national crisis.

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About SAFE Project:
SAFE Project is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States. Established in 2017 by Admiral James and Mary Winnefeld after the tragic loss of their 19-year-old son Jonathan due to an opioid overdose, SAFE Project aims to save lives impacted by substance use and mental health challenges through overdose prevention and response, education on stigma, and development of prevention and recovery programs. SAFE Project also provides tailored guidance and training within its four key initiatives: SAFE Campuses, SAFE Communities, SAFE Workplaces, and SAFE Veterans. To learn more, please visit

About Partnership to End Addiction:
Partnership to End Addiction is a national nonprofit uniquely positioned to reach, engage and help families impacted by addiction. With decades of experience in research, direct service, communications and partnership-building, we provide families with personalized resources and support — while mobilizing policymakers, researchers and health care professionals to better address addiction systemically on a national scale. For more information, visit

About GetHelp:
GetHelp seeks to connect professionals, providers, municipalities, and the public, thereby giving everyone access to mental health, homelessness, and addiction services, when they need it, while raising the standard for integrity, accountability, and transparency of information, serving as good steward for society and the environment.