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Blog Post | March 26, 2020

#SAFETogether: Building a Community of Resilience and Compassion

By: Brandee Izquierdo, Executive Director 

As the crisis of Covid-19 continues to unfold, I am in awe of the endurance, love, compassion, empathy, collaboration, and resilience that continues to flourish from community to community nationwide.  We are all witnessing a time of uncertainty.  Uncertain times can challenge us and take us to places that we never thought it could. 

Yet, during uncertainty, there is always a glimmer of hope and a renewed spirit that sparks innovation, creativity, and solutions that may have never come to fruition.  Individuals in recovery, such as myself, have personally struggled through uncertain times. We have experienced the challenges, as well as the glimmers of hope.

At SAFE Project, our goal is to rely upon these experiences to make us all stronger in the face of uncertainty. Our unique experiences of building resiliency skills through addiction and recovery can lend a helping hand for all of us struggling through Covid-19.



We can conquer challenges by building a community, working together and sharing our experiences.  There are numerous resources on the internet to address specific questions and concerns that you might have.  Through the remainder of this crisis, our goal is not to be redundant with those resources or to creatively reinvent the wheel by simply phrasing them differently.  Our goal is to help build a community of resiliency and compassion.  

Over the next several months, please join us as we highlight the amazing ways that the SAFE Project Nation is working together to assist all of us. Through individual stories, blogs, and solution-focused approaches, you will hear and have an opportunity to take part in the remarkable action steps taking place on campuses, with our military heroes and within communities and workplaces.

Join us daily as we disseminate our experiences, work and valuable knowledge to address this crisis, as well as find creative ways to move forward. We can not promise to eliminate the uncertainty, but we do promise to keep you up to date on what is occurring throughout the country and to empower all of us during these difficult times.

I look forward to building that renewed spirit and moving toward those glimmers of hope together.