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Naloxone Awareness Project

SAFE Project is recruiting volunteers to promote the life-saving drug, Naloxone.

SAFE Project is looking for volunteers to help raise awareness for the lifesaving, overdose reversal drug, naloxone, also known as Narcan®. We launched the Naloxone Awareness Project nationally to ensure that everyone knows “Naloxone Saves Lives” and knows how to access it in their neighborhood!



What is the Naloxone Awareness Project?
The project is an opportunity for you to assist us in bringing awareness of the benefits of naloxone to your community.

What will I be doing?
There are two options for this program. Choose to do one or both.

Tell Five Friends:

  1. Tell 5 people about the importance of naloxone, and take a selfie with each person or as a group. Not sure what to say? Read more information about the benefits of naloxone and check out the naloxone rules where you live.
  2. Keep the challenge going: For each person you talk to, challenge them to tell 5 people about naloxone.

Pharmacy Visits:

Visit a local pharmacy to talk to their pharmacist about how naloxone is distributed locally and what is required to purchase it. We will prepare you for this visit by providing information about rules and resources in your area. Then you can visit your local pharmacy alone or with a friend.


Will it cost me anything?
No! This volunteer opportunity is free and we are not asking you to purchase anything. Spreading the word is critical and this is a free and easy way to help build awareness about the benefits and use of naloxone.

How much time will it take?
There will be a training session that will take about 30 minutes and then whatever time it takes for your visits with pharmacies or friends.

What do I do after my visits/talks?
After your visit, we would like to have you fill out a short survey about the visit so that we can track awareness as well as the progress of the program.

Learn more about volunteering to raise awareness for Naloxone: