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Naloxone Saves Challenge

Help us spread the word about the life-saving benefits of naloxone.

Join the #NaloxoneSavesChallenge to help SAFE Project spread the word about the life-saving benefits of naloxone – an opioid overdose antidote.



How to Participate

  1. Download and print our signs. Click here to get them.
  2. Tell 5 people about the importance of naloxone, and take a selfie with each person or as a group. Not sure what to say? Read more information about the benefits of naloxone and check out the naloxone rules where you live.
  3. Keep the challenge going: For each person you talk to, challenge them to tell 5 people about naloxone.
  4. Share the message: Once you have told 5 people about naloxone, share your selfie and a message about the challenge on social media with #NaloxoneSavesChallenge and tag us @SAFEProjectUS.
  5. Update your Facebook profile picture by adding our #NaloxoneSavesChallenge Facebook Frame to your profile picture. Go to for Naloxone Saves Challenge, and add it to your profile.

Suggested Social Media Posts

Naloxone reverses overdoses and saves lives so I’m taking the #NaloxoneSavesChallenge to spread the word with @SAFEProjectUS.

I’m taking the #NaloxoneSavesChallenge because naloxone is a lifesaver that everyone should know about. @SAFEProjectUS

I took @SAFEProjectUS #NaloxoneSavesChallenge and told 5 friends how the overdose antidote naloxone saves lives. {tag5  friends} I challenge you to tell 5 people!

@SAFEProjectUS challenge complete! I told 5 people about the importance of carrying naloxone to prevent overdose deaths. #NaloxoneSavesChallenge

I told {tag 5 friends} how naloxone can save lives and where they can get it. Now I challenge you to take the #NaloxoneSavesChallenge with @SAFEProjectUS!