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We work alongside students and staff to foster supportive and empowered environments that promote mental health, recovery, and holistic well-being.

SAFE Campuses partners with colleges and universities to transform campus cultures and fill gaps in services. Our team works to address substance use disorder and promote recovery in all its forms. Each college or university holds the potential to be a haven of support, offering invaluable resources to a diverse range of students — whether it’s those seeking their path to recovery, individuals who’ve been touched by addiction’s impact, or those eager to shape a more open dialogue around mental health and substance use.

In addition to promoting prevention and recovery resources, we are committed to equipping campuses nationwide with naloxone. By normalizing naloxone, we not only save lives but also demonstrate our unwavering dedication to supporting our students through every facet of their journey.

SAFE Campuses also partners with collegiate recovery programs. These programs provide a transformative educational experience for students during their recovery journey, enabling them to pursue their academic goals without compromising their wellness.

Through open conversations about college drug use, we aim to transform the narrative around substance use disorder, foster empathy, and promote positive change across the country.

Our Impact

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Programs For Students

Resources geared towards college students and the unique needs of their campus communities. Find information on fellowships, internships, harm reduction campaigns, and more.

Programs For Staff

We’re here to help you foster a supportive and recovery-informed campus environment. Find best practices, professional development resources and training, naloxone distribution support, and more.

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