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Together, we can stop the addiction fatality epidemic.

1 in 3 incoming college students report struggling with mental illness.

48% of college students will meet the criteria for a substance use disorder at some point during their first three years of college.

And each year, we lose over 150,000 Americans to overdose, suicide, and addiction-related disease.

SAFE Project understands that college campuses can have a significant role in addressing the addiction and mental health crises. Our team is dedicated to helping campus staff cultivate caring communities built on student wellness. We work alongside staff and their students to foster supportive and empowered environments that promote mental health, recovery, and holistic well-being. As partners, we can help you redesign systems and fill gaps to meet your student and community needs.

We offer free consulting and training programs, addiction and recovery allyship training, harm reduction programming (such as Narcan distribution), and other customizable solutions tailored to the needs of your campus. We support ongoing and open collaboration: when we share knowledge and tools to navigate risk, our stakeholders share with each other and even refine these strategies.

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Summer Series:

A virtual program for university personnel who want to improve recovery support and overdose prevention services and capacity on campuses.

Technical Assistance:

Working together to build recovery communities and support services.

Coming Soon

Overdose Prevention and Response Checklist and White Paper, in collaboration with NASPA and HECAOD

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