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Veteran Wellness Program

"Veteran Wellness: Journey from Coping to Thriving"

About the Program

The SAFE Project Veteran Wellness program assists veterans, active-duty service members and military families in addressing the stressors associated with service and transition. This program, made by and for veterans, has proven to empower veterans who face mental health challenges and substance use disorders to thrive in their transition from service.

Over 90% of participants were now able to improve their mood or calm down if they get sad, angry, or anxious.
The ability to recognize signs of stress improved by 55%.
Nearly 100% of participants are confident they now have the tools to prevent drug and alcohol misuse.

Designed in collaboration with Walmart, Wounded Warrior Project, and Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS), the program, “Veteran Wellness: Journey from Coping to Thriving,” provides the tools necessary for the military community to combat the unique challenges they face.

Made up of six 50-minute training modules including online recordings, exercises, and worksheets, this program shapes resilience skills and encourages help-seeking intentions for substance use disorders, mental health challenges, or co-occurring challenges.

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Learn more about the wellness program, “Veteran Wellness: Journey from Coping to Thriving”:

Veterans Resource Guides

As part of the pilots mentioned above, SAFE Project developed three Veteran Resource Guides which provide context around the veteran population in the pilot cities, local resources and national resources available to veterans.

Jacksonville, FL:
Download PDF
San Antonio, TX:
Download PDF
Philadelphia, PA:
Download PDF