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Volunteer Poster Request

Request SAFE Project Posters For Your Town

Poster Request Overview
SAFE Project is currently gauging interest from our volunteers regarding posters for our awareness campaign. Two posters are currently available. Please use the form below to request either or both of these posters for your own local distribution and posting.

What Will I Be Doing?
In March of 2019, SAFE Project launched our Be SAFE campaign. The goals of the campaign are to end stigma; bring awareness to the public about the potential risk associated with opioids; and offer resources for prevention, treatment and recovery. This program is accomplished through informational signage in hospitals, doctors’ offices, shopping malls, etc., as well as on busses and bus stop signage. Through this program we have created campaigns in 13 states and growing. We now want to take the campaign to an additional level. We are asking our volunteers to visit local businesses with the goal of displaying a smaller 8 ½ x 11 version of the poster in a prominent place in their business.