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Collegiate Recovery Census

A data gathering initiative being undertaken to explore the rich spectrum of support resources available for students in recovery

What does recovery support look like on your campus? How can we create a more recovery supportive campus and community?

By participating in this project, you will gain valuable insights into the spectrum of support  resources available for students in recovery at institutions of higher education across the country, including:

• Access to reporting dashboard on recovery support services on college campuses
• Comparative analysis with responding institutions
• Tools to guide the development of a financial case for a collegiate recovery initiative
• Data downloads and visualizations for local advocacy

Invite Someone To Take The Survey

Inviting colleagues and partners from other universities allows participants to compare responses, collaborate on advocacy efforts, and contribute to a more robust dataset.

Census Project Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to view themes in what services universities offer college students impacted by addiction. Findings, insights, and capabilities of the dashboard grow and evolve as census responses are submitted.