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Quickly find a treatment facility that matches your needs or the needs of a loved one.

Need to Find Substance Use Treatment? Family Support? Recovery Housing?

Find critical resources and options best matched to your needs or the needs of a loved one.

About the SAFE Treatment and Family Support Locator

SAFE Project launched the first easy-to-use online treatment locator in 2019, then joined forces with Partnership to End Addiction a year later to add significant updates for people seeking help. Designed to help locate treatment options best matched to your or your loved one’s needs, it operates in an easy, anonymous, and completely independent way.

After our Treatment locator launched, SAFE Project envisioned a similar locator but one designed for families and caregivers. For every person navigating a substance use or mental health challenge or who identifies as being in recovery, there is often a parent, child, spouse, or friend right beside them in that journey. They did not have access to reliable online support resources for themselves– until now.

SAFE Project and Partnership to End Addiction integrated the first-of-its-kind online Family Support Locator to our existing SAFE Treatment Locator. A powerful addition, it’s the nation’s first searchable database focused on providing programs, supports, and other services for families and friends of people with substance use disorder and/or mental health challenges along with treatment options. By creating a free, searchable locator for local and national resources, together we can help individuals, families, and caregivers find the support and services they need in their own communities.