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No Shame New Year

Together, we can end the stigma around substance use and mental health disorders

What is “No Shame New Year”?

This year, choose a resolution with a big impact. For 2024, we invite you to participate in No Shame New Year — a commitment to end the stigma around substance use and mental health disorders.

We want to normalize how we think and talk about substance use disorder — from everything to opioids to alcohol — as well as mental health. Throughout the month of January, we will be providing resources, tips, and more to help make 2024 the best year yet! We will share insights from special guests, the best resources on the web, and more!

Learn how you can be a No Shame New Year Advocate, because it will take all of us to end stigma.

Take the No Shame Pledge!

There is No Shame in getting help or in talking about mental health and addiction. Join us in creating a nationwide movement by signing our pledge to end stigma and support others in speaking up about their own disorders.

Take the pledge below to support the ability to get help without judgement and receive your certificate in acknowledgement of your commitment to saving lives by fighting the stigma.

Social Media Graphics

Feel free to use the following images on social media to encourage others to participate in No Shame New Year. SAFE Project encourages everyone to share your own stories, photos, and experiences as much as possible. Request your No Shame Pledge certificate already? Be sure to send us a selfie!

Dry January

Dry January – originally a campaign by Alcohol Change UK – is a movement during the month of January each year where individuals abstain from alcohol. This choice to participate in Dry January may be for health reasons, an evaluation of one’s personal relationship with alcohol, or in support of those who may choose a sober lifestyle.

As part of the new Sensible Strumming campaign, SAFE Project partnered with Ryan Whyte Maloney to create the song “It Ain’t 5 O’Clock Somewhere,” challenging the glorification of drinking alcohol in country music. This new country single urges responsible drinking beyond Dry January and prompts a critical look at the genre’s prevailing culture of normalizing unhealthy drinking patterns.

Listen to “It Ain’t 5 O’Clock Somewhere,” launched on dozens of music services including iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more.

In 2023, legendary music producer and writer Andy Goldmark released a new single entitled “Dry January” in which he reflects and journeys with the listener.

SAFE Project spoke with Andy about his song and what he hopes listeners may take away from its lyrics.


Mocktails are a fantastic option for individuals in recovery, those who are sober curious, or anyone that chooses not to drink alcohol.

Spotlight: No Shame Education Program

The No Shame Education Program is a fundamental course on substance addiction and mental health that is universal, innovative, and evidence-informed. The program builds out knowledge of the four principles listed on SAFE Project’s No Shame Pledge and aims to end stigma.

Spotlight: SAFE Locator

Find critical resources and options best matched to your needs or the needs of a loved one.

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