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SAFE Choices:
Youth & Young Adult “Connections” Program

A program tailored to mitigate risk and positively impact young lives!

Once young people face school-based disciplinary action and/or enter the justice system, it’s a difficult road ahead for them, their families, and their communities. It has an impact on their physical and mental health and they are less likely to finish high school or gain employment.

The purpose of the “Connections” program is to provide an opportunity to impact youth recidivism and redirect young lives toward reaching their full potential.

Through our innovative, evidence-informed “Connections” program, youth and young adults impacted by disciplinary measures and/or the justice system have a unique chance to make positive human connections and develop essential life skills.

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33%: likelihood of felony recidivism in a young person who has been to juvenile detention
1 in 3: odds of confinement when a young person is arrested and referred to court
$1 Billion: the yearly cost of temporarily confining youth

Source: The Annie Casey Foundation

Program Learning Objectives

  • Master “The Flourishing Formula” leading to positive personal development, a greater sense of self-identity, and finding power in meaningful connections
  • Develop essential life skills for adaptive and positive behaviors
  • Apply the “Stages of Change” through interactive journaling and self-expression
  • Gain clearer insight into personal passions through participation in meaningful service hour opportunities
  • Develop skills to make positive decisions which will reduce the likelihood of recidivism and support young lives in achieving their full potential

What types of organizations or agencies is the SAFE “Connections” program designed for?

The “Connections” program by design can be implemented in collaboration with any of the following youth-serving organizations:

  • Youth Probation Departments
  • Recovery/Alternative Schools
  • Day Reporting Centers
  • Adolescent Treatment Facilities
  • Hospitals or Treatment Service Providers
  • Youth Courts
  • School Based Suspension/Detention Divisions

When and where is this program available?

This program is available upon request and will be held on-site and in-person.

Who will be delivering this program?

A trained SAFE “Connections” program facilitator will deliver this program.

How long is the program?

The program is a total of 25 hours: 12 hours in the classroom, and 13 hours dedicated to the service connection project.

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“Connections” Program Pilot Spotlight

The “Connections” program:

  • Is innovative and evidence informed
  • Is rooted in “The Flourishing Formula”
  • Is about life-fueling person-centered connections
  • Takes a holistic approach to personal wellness
  • Has a strengths-based foundation
  • Consists of interwoven modules
  • Aims to reduce youth recidivism
  • Serves as a positive turning point
  • Supports the desistance process — pivoting away from discipline and/or justice involvement