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SAFE Choices: Technical Assistance

The SAFE Choices Technical Assistance Catalog of Services

SAFE Choices is dedicated to providing quality technical assistance to any party that is committed to fostering resiliency in youth development through collaborative and diversified approaches to substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery. Parties must also share a collective aim for the transformation of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that empower SAFE Choices in all stages of youth development.

In an individualized approach, SAFE Choices is committed to working with each party to support the unique needs of each school, organization, and community. SAFE Choices is positioned to help and is standing by ready to hear from you!

Catalog of Services

  • Execution of a Readiness Assessment
  • Monitor Focus Groups
  • Facilitate Listening Sessions
  • Identify Programs (Evidence Based, Evidence Informed, Research Based, Innovative, Environmental)
  • Procurement of Resources
  • Build Capacity
  • Provide Professional Development via training, workshops and classes
  • Identify Implementation Supports
  • Perform Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Sustainability Coaching
  • Endorse Communication and Messaging Utilizing Media Channels
  • Advocate for Proactive “Upstream” Strategies
  • Provide Information (Parent/Teacher Conference, Meet the Teacher Nights During Youth Events)

Technical Assistance Request/Inquiry Form

Additional Resources & Assistance

For more information about SAFE Choices, contact
Senior Director Ronna Yablonski at: