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Public Awareness; Family Outreach & Support

SAFE Takes analyzes and assesses the federal recommendations and proposals made by the White House and National Governors Association.

SAFE Takes reflects our analysis and assessment of the progress made in each of the recommendations made by the President’s Commission (Commission) on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis (November 2017) and the National Governors Association’s (NGA) Recommendations for Federal Action to End the Nation’s Opioid Crisis (January 2018). The following SAFE Takes focuses on government action pertaining to public awareness and family outreach and support.



NGA: The Administration should develop an evidence-based national campaign to promote prevention and reduce stigma.

Commission #5: The Administration should fund and collaborate with private sector and non-profit partners to design a wide reaching, national multi-platform campaign addressing the hazards of substance use, the danger of opioids, and stigma.



June 7, 2018 roll out


Public Service Announcements and Awareness Campaigns have mixed results. To be successful, they require also having the resources to address the problem: recovery and treatment options and support for those with substance use disorders. Communities do not have to wait for a national campaign that suits them. In fact, awareness campaigns that are more targeted can be very successful.
Commission #49: The Office of National Drug Control Policy, federal partners, including the Department of Labor, large employers, employee assistance programs, and recovery support organizations should develop best practices on substance use disorders and the workplace.



A Soft Start


Tool kits are starting to emerge, which goes a step further than best practices, as it gives employers a real place to start.
Commission #50: The Office of National Drug Control Policy should work with the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and other stakeholders to develop model state legislation/regulation for states to decouple felony convictions and eligibility for business/occupational licenses, where appropriate.





This will take time, as most legislatures are currently dealing with prescribing guidelines and treatment. However, this is an important factor in getting communities back on their feet. SAFE considers this an outreach endeavor because it will only work as a destigmatizing function if businesses are on board and increase opportunities for those who are in recovery.