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Treatment & Recovery

Treatment & Recovery


Providing resources and advice regarding treatment and recovery options.

There is a broad spectrum of treatment resources across the country, but they vary widely in cost, duration, effectiveness, ability to handle dual diagnoses of mental illness and addiction, among other shortcomings.  While some efforts exist that attempt connect people to treatment programs (such as the SAMHSA web site), most simply list the programs available in each state, with little or no context.  As we discovered, it can be maddening trying to find the treatment most suited to a particular individual.  We will try to improve upon these efforts (ideally, we will support creation of an app that will better connect people under specific circumstances to the most appropriate program for them). We will also try to identify best practices shown to maximize the odds of success in treatment, including the most effective use of methadone and buprenorphine in combination with all the other required aspects of treatment, including time (for the brain to literally recover), counseling (for the addict to understand what he or she is going through), mutual support (to maintain sobriety), and transition training (to prepare for re-entering society).  The effort will attempt to uncover the most effective way to support pregnant women who are addicted, which is one of the most complex and compassion-needy aspects of the epidemic.  We hope to be able to spread best practices as we are able.  Finally, we will advocate for wider availability of effective and affordable programs.

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