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Your Ruck

To encourage healthy coping skills, Your Emotional Ruck workshops are hosted for military spouses and university students connected to the military.

Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck

Our military and first responders are under tremendous amounts of stress and are often held to a sense of moral perfectionism. Too often, this stress spills over into their home life as well. The fact is these jobs create chronic stress environments that become normalized by those living them and their caregivers.

What We Do

The Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck workshop, created by veterans and military spouses, teaches evidence-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills to help identify stress, build and maintain relationships, and manage emotions. DBT is the gold standard therapy modality for reducing suicide and building a life worth living.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Unpacking Stress & Mindfulness
  • Understanding & Taking Control of Emotions
  • Assertiveness & Maintaining Relationships
  • Surviving Crisis, including substance use
  • Barriers that prevent Effectiveness
  • … and more!

About “Ruck”

The term “ruck” comes from the military, when a service member carries a ruck, or backpack, weighing about 50-70 pounds on a long march, hike, or deployment. During Your Emotional Ruck programming, the ruck represents the unique, emotional weight carried by a military spouse or family member that often differs from their civilian counterparts.