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Just the Facts

Straight answers for young adults and their parents on substance use and mental health.

“Just the Facts” is a series focused on substance use and mental health, and written especially for young adults and their parents. It’s easy to understand and judgment-free, giving young adults just the facts they need to help them make informed choices.

Just the Facts: Addiction & the Brain

A simple decision to just  “try” something can actually remap your brain,  affecting your ability to control your substance use.



Just the Facts: Alcohol

Check out some drinking mythbusters, signs of alcohol poisoning, and learn how to do the math on party cups.



Just the Facts: Anxiety in Mental Health

Occasional anxiety is a normal feeling of fear or panic. Learn how to recognize signs that you may need some additional support.



Just the Facts: Friend in Recovery? How to Have Their Back

When a friend is recovery,  some aspects of your friendship may change, but your connection as friends doesn’t have to end.



Just the Facts: Know the Signs

There are often clues, or signs, that indicate a friend, parent, or family member needs help for addiction.



Just the Facts: Peer Pressure

Learn how to manage peer pressure…at any age.



Just the Facts: Vaping

Honest answers to some very common questions — and some misconceptions — about vaping.