No Shame Toolkit

This toolkit supplements the national No Shame movement to end stigma.

In early 2020, SAFE Project launched the No Shame nationwide campaign to demonstrate that there is No Shame in talking about or seeking treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

The Toolkit

We have developed this updated social media toolkit for you to use to help spread the word. Materials include suggested social media posts and accompanying graphics, news brief, outreach email, and a downloadable pledge certificate and postcard.

Whether you’re an individual, a partner, or a community-based organization, you can use our pre-set messaging, or create your own, to share with your followers a personal story or an example of what you are doing to reduce the stigma.

Get others involved and ask your network to take this simple pledge! We’re creating a map to track commitments from around the country and we’re challenging you to get your community and state represented on our map! Help us signal to our country that hope and solidarity exist across our nation.

Remember, please keep in contact with us as you share, and:

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Youth and Young Adult Supplemental Education Program

The No Shame Campaign – “Youth and Young Adult Supplemental Education Program” was developed specifically to increase knowledge AND individual understanding of the principles presented in the No Shame Pledge. Upon completion, individuals will competently and with genuine confidence sign the pledge and be positioned to serve as an advocate. An advocate with a clear understanding of the fact that there is No Shame in asking for and seeking help for substance use and mental health challenges!

Learn More and Download the Supplemental Education Program

Thank You!

Thank you for your support in helping to spread awareness and shine a light on stigma. Together, we can save a life every day!

– SAFE Project Staff

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