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Prescription Medicine

Prescription Medicine


Raising awareness of non-addictive pain management methods, supporting tighter opioid prescription protocols, and supporting research into non-addictive pain management drugs.

While awareness inside the medical community is rising regarding the risks associated with prescribing opioids for pain relief, there is much more to be done to get prescription opioids under control.  Here we will gather information on efforts to better codify prescription guidelines, assess physician training and education efforts across the country, advance initiatives that provide better visibility into prescription drug databases in order to prevent systemic abuse, support exploration of more holistic pain management programs, and investigate what is being done to produce non-addictive pain killers.  We also hope to highlight what is being done in each state regarding prescription drug management.


Alternatives to opioids can include one or more non-opioid pain relievers. These can include the following non-habit forming medications:

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Other prescription medicines used to manage pain that may be habit forming or come with other risks include: anti epileptics, antidepressants, topicals, muscle relaxants and steroids. 

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