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Take the Recovery Pledge!

Become a Recovery Ally and show your support for the recovery community.

In celebration of National Recovery Month this September, SAFE is rallying the nation to show everyone in recovery that they are supported and not alone in their journey.

Taking the Recovery Pledge means showing your support and sharing with family, friends and those in your community why becoming a Recovery Ally is a crucial way to create national support for all in recovery. Those in recovery deserve to know that we believe in their long term recovery, even when they aren’t ready to believe in it themselves. When you take the pledge you show others that you believe in the power of recovery and human connection.

This Recovery Month, join us in gathering 500 pledges of support.

When you sign up to show your support of those in recovery, you will receive a downloadable copy of SAFE’s recovery pledge that you can print out, share on social media, or leave around the office to spread awareness to your co-workers. It’s a small way to make a big difference. Support your friends, family members and co-workers in recovery. Sign the recovery pledge now.

I pledge my support to all people in recovery

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