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SAFE Choices: Resources For Educators & Youth-Serving Organizations

Prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery resources for educators and those serving youth, including children and teens

Schools and youth-serving organizations are in a unique position of having the ability to systematically reach a large portion of youth at all stages of development from preschool to late adolescence. A positive school experience isn’t just about receiving a quality education: it’s also about belonging to a community that is inclusive and supportive.

In addition to providing quality education and social learning environments, more and more schools and youth-serving organizations are recognizing that a student’s overall health and wellbeing are of paramount importance in the development of youth resilience that leads to youth reaching their fullest potential.

This is where SAFE Project can help! We are positioned to support a comprehensive plan to reduce stigma and provide life-skill training to prevent, intervene, and offer recovery support.

SAFE Choices is committed to providing quality technical assistance, valuable connections, and resources. By taking actions to provide information, enhancing skills, and providing support, together we will reduce the risk of substance use disorder in the lives of young people.

With an individualized approach, SAFE Choices is committed to working with each party to support the unique needs of each school, organization, and community. The following list of technical assistance options are suited for school curriculum enhancements, faculty training, parents’ events, and youth events.

  • Execute a Readiness Assessment
  • Monitor Focus Groups
  • Facilitate Listening Sessions
  • Identify Programs
  • Procurement of Resources
  • Build Capacity
  • Provide Professional Development
  • Identify Implementation Supports
  • Perform Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Endorse Communication and Messaging
  • Advocate for Proactive Programming
Resources for the Advancement of Proactive Strategies

Registry of promising, model, and model plus prevention interventions
Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development

Benefit-costs results for public health and prevention programs
Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP)

Planning prevention strategies in an array of settings through a variety of methods
SAMHSA Focus on Prevention

Tools and resources to make a radical difference in kids’ lives that empower healthy choices

In 2021, 100K+ people died from drug overdoses driven by fentanyl, and the fastest-growing group is under 19.

Get the Dead On Arrival Screening Guide

With over 300 accidental overdoses per day, this problem is larger than any one person, organization, or community. SAFE Solutions is a free wiki-based platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for community leaders to easily find a collection of research, educational materials, resources, and promising practices to support your strategic response efforts.

Additional Resources & Assistance

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