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About SAFE Communities

Providing communities with the tools and resources they need to successfully reduce the impact of the addiction epidemic.

SAFE Communities partners with localities across the nation to create and share sustainable, comprehensive ways to respond to the addiction epidemic. Together, we collaborate to convert intent into action so that communities can become more resilient and able to respond to the impacts of mental health and substance use disorder.

Our Approach
We promote practical, innovative solutions while aligning with standards in the field, use a national platform to fuel local success stories, build collaboration within communities, and focus on sustainable short- and long-term goals.

What It Looks Like
Expert Consultation, Leadership Development and Training, Learning Communities, Group-Process Facilitation, Resource Development, Best Practices, Community Education

Who We Work With
Federal, State, and Local Governments, Non-Profit and Community-Based Organizations, Health Care Providers, Practitioners, and Systems, Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery Support Services Professionals, Private and Public School Systems, Faith Community, Private Sector and Business Community, Local Philanthropy, Individuals and Families, Community Coalitions, Task Forces, Special Interest Groups

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