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Press Release | October 24, 2022

Drug Use Prevention: 7 ways to engage in 2022 Red Ribbon Week

Arlington, VA, October 24, 2022 – SAFE Project this week is commemorating Red Ribbon Week with its slogan, “Choose Your Path. Make SAFE Choices.” The annual Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31, is the nation’s largest and longest-running drug-use prevention campaign.

“SAFE Project’s theme, ‘Choose Your Path. Make SAFE Choices,’ reinforces one of SAFE Project’s goals of ensuring young people have the information, tools and support to make life-affirming choices  – and reach their full potential,” said Ronna Yablonski, Senior Director of SAFE Choices at SAFE Project.” Make the choice today to prioritize the advancement of substance use prevention not only during red ribbon week but every day.”

Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 in response to the slaying of DEA Agent Enrique “KiKi” Camarena. People in communities across the country began wearing red ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the devastation drugs can cause. 

From October 23-31 (and year-round), we are inviting all communities in the nation to use these 7 ways to engage in prevention:

  1. Read about the history of Red Ribbon Week.
  2. Wear a red ribbon or display your sticker showing your support of Red Ribbon Week and what it stands for.
  3. Get your free Deterra Pouch through Oct. 31 or purchase them anytime on Deterra’s website.
  4. Take the No Shame Pledge to help end the stigma around mental illness and substance use disorder and request the No Shame Education Program.
  5. Use this social media toolkit to share your support for Red Ribbon Week.
  6. Engage schools, workplaces, and communities in participating in your local Red Ribbon Week events or plan your own. 
  7. Issue this proclamation declaring Red Ribbon Week in your communities.

For questions about Red Ribbon Week 2022, reach out to SAFE Project at  

About SAFE Project
SAFE Project is a national 501(c)3) nonprofit committed to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States. SAFE Project provides transformative programming, training, and technical assistance based upon a collaborative, multipronged and nonpartisan approach within each of our key initiatives – SAFE Campuses, SAFE Communities, SAFE Workplaces and SAFE Veterans.  Our work is fueled through six distinct, yet interrelated lines of operation: public awareness, full-spectrum prevention, prescriptions & medical response, law enforcement & criminal justice, treatment & recovery, and family outreach & support. SAFE Project turns hope into action. For more information visit