Back to School

Tools and resources to ensure a successful return to school for parents and young people.

Beginning a new school year usually comes with some anxiety, but in today’s uncertain times students may need a lot more support, reassurance, and comfort before they’re ready to learn. As you prepare, it’s important to ensure that youth and young adults have the tools to make SAFE Choices. SAFE Project has created these resources to help parents prepare and their young learners succeed.

In 2020, 17% of adolescents ages 12-17 had a major depressive episode, and 2.7% had a co-occurring MDE and a substance abuse disorder in the past year.
— SAMHSA’s 2020 National Survey on Drug Use

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No Shame Campaign: Youth Education Program

A program aimed to increase knowledge and individual understanding of the principles presented in the “No Shame Pledge” for youth and young adults.

Safety Plan

These tips, including information about naloxone, can help families with an individual who uses drugs build a safety plan to prevent an overdose.

What to Do if You
Witness an Overdose

The opioid epidemic is a national health crisis, and it’s why we all need to know what to do if we witness an overdose.

Resources For Parents, Guardians, & Caretakers of Youth

Prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery resources for parents, guardians, and caregivers, including those of young children and teens.

Treatment & Family Support Locator

Confidentially search our comprehensive list of substance use and treatment centers to find a facility that matches your needs or the needs of a loved one.

Choose Knowledge

Gain the power to empower with these publications, journals, and reports that pertain to youth substance prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.

Spotlight: SAFE Solutions

With over 300 accidental overdoses per day, this problem is larger than any one person, organization, or community. SAFE Solutions is a free wiki-based platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for community leaders to easily find a collection of research, educational materials, resources, and promising practices to support your strategic response efforts.