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SAFE Choices:
School Community Partnerships

Fostering resilience in youth development through collaborative and diversified strategies and engaging programs

SAFE Project has joined forces with subject matter experts in taking collective actions to foster resilience and wellness for youth. Together, through collaborative and diversified strategies, we can reduce the risk of addiction and mental health challenges while empowering, equipping, and — most importantly — engaging youth as part of the solution.

We offer presentations (for students, faculty/staff, and parents) tailored for your specific community. These presentations are backed by group projects and student activities at age-appropriate levels that focus on the realities of the addiction epidemic and the choices we make every day. Contact us to request more information — we will create a custom package unique for your school community to address your own unique challenges and circumstances.

Through effective collaborations we:

  • Reduce risk by providing accurate information
  • Educate, empower, and equip youth as part of the solution
  • Strengthen developmental relationships to form life-fueling connections
  • Cultivate resilience in youth by fostering social, behavioral, and emotional development
  • Prepare versus scare

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More Ways to Engage: Prevention Month & Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week — recognized each year from October 23-31 — is the nation’s largest and longest-running substance use prevention campaign. Since its beginning in 1985, it has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Request your red ribbons each October, and together we can create a culture where substance use prevention is recognized — not just in October, but year-round! — as a health priority.

Additional Resources & Assistance

For more information about SAFE Choices and our School Community Partnership programming, contact Senior Director Ronna Yablonski at:

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