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Family Outreach & Support

Family Outreach & Support


Provide meaningful advice and help for friends and family members who are coping with a loved one’s addiction, treatment, and transition.

Families and friends are often the first ones to help in the journey of addiction, treatment, and recovery.   But it’s not just about your loved one -- substance use disorder affects spouses, partners, children, extended family, and close friends.  It affects relationships, mental health, physical health, finances, and overall family dynamics.

You’ll find resources throughout our site that may apply to your current situation, but this page is focused on families and friends seeking support and advice from others who have been there.

As S.A.F.E. travels the country, we always ask, “What do you wish you knew then that you know now?”   Visit Lessons Learned for helpful advice on navigating the very first signs of substance abuse, understanding what treatment is and isn’t, and how to take care of yourself during the transition to recovery. 

No one should face this alone.  We all need community of support to stand up against the opioid epidemic. Please share this page with others who need it, and please submit your own lesson by clicking the "submit a lesson learned here" button below.

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