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SAFE Choices: Resources For Youth & Youth-Led Groups

SAFE Choices offers connection opportunities for youth and young adults for prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.

The opposite of addiction is connection
SAFE Choices aims to offer connection opportunities for all youth.

SAFE Choices will:

  • Offer skill enhancement – “Knowledge is power to empower”
  • Connect and mobilize – “Choose action to promote your health”
  • Amplify youth voices – “Your voice matters; embrace the choice to be a positive influencer”
  • Celebrate you – “All youth reaching their fullest potential”

Is substance use prevention, treatment and/or recovery a topic of concern for you?
Have you been impacted by a loved one or friend’s substance use?
Do you want to assist in overcoming the addiction epidemic?

Take the step to get connected with us at SAFE Project via
Ronna Yablonski, SR Director of SAFE Choices, at

Get Connected – Action Ideas For Youth

  1. Host a “No Shame” Pledge signing event(s) — get a conversation about stigma started.
  2. Implement a “Gone for Good” Deterra Drug Deactivation Kit distribution project.
  3. Support National Black Balloon Day in March.
  4. Hold a National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week competition in April.
  5. Show support of National Prevention week in May.
  6. Engage in a positive media messaging campaign.
  7. Partner with coaches and athletes in support of “Think PT before a Pill”.
  8. Plan a tribute service on International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31.
  9. Show support during National Recovery Month in September.
  10. Wear and share Red Ribbon Week ribbons and messages in October.
  11. Serve as a youth advocate for the fields of substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery by meeting face to face with local, state, and national elected officials.
  12. Take an additional step and serve as a youth mentor by being a positive influence on the lives of others.

NOTE: In all the above listed options, SAFE Choices is dedicated to providing quality Technical Assistance.

Additional Resources & Assistance

Drug Use & Your Brain

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For more information about SAFE Choices, contact Senior Director Ronna Yablonski at: